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All the while he was extolling the wonders of electricity and his corn, wart, and bunion cure. By the celebration was called the Cawino Festival, and by it had grown to a three day long pageant culminating in a mile-long parade around the Plaza. By March of it became necessary to remove the remaining old forest trees to make way for a landscaped public park in keeping with the style then current in California.

A debt of gratitude is owed to local columnist Ray Holley and architect Ken Munson who spearheaded the effort to build the new, copper roofed structure and to all the townsfolk who donated money, materials thd labor for its construction. The patent medicine shows were in their zenith during the last part of the 19 th century. The first attempt to fence and protect the Plaza trees, which were being used to the internet nouveau casino wagons, came as early as when a group of citizens surveyed the lot and made cost estimates before giving up the project. Ornamental herb shrubbery was planted along with a casino deposit free money fruit tree. Shushing each other they moved as close to the source as possible without being seen.

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